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Brand’s Surgical Supply

Brand’s Surgical Supply is Australia’s leading Australian pharmaceutical and surgical consumables wholesaler, servicing clients nationally. Our open book pricing policy ensures that as our volume increases, your purchase prices reduce.

BSS has been the wholesaler of choice to the Day Hospitals Australia (DHA) since 2008 and is committed to continuing to build on our strong relationship. We also look to forge and strengthen relationships with our suppliers. We proactively seek out industry leading suppliers in order to continually expand our range with quality offerings.


BSS customers can access the compounding services of The Wesley Pharmacy, one of the most experienced compounders in the country. The Wesley Pharmacy is adept at providing compounded solutions for niche clinical demands.

The Wesley Pharmacy has the experience, capability and capacity to compound an ever increasing range of capsules, solutions, syrups, tinctures, creams, ointments, gels, paints, liniments, lotions, mixtures, elixirs, pastes, suspensions, mouth washes, inhalations, pessaries, suppositories, injections nose ear and eye drops, and everything else you can think of.


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